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Why Do Implant Costs Vary so Much?

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There are many different types of implant systems on the market. Some have a long track record with many years of research behind them; other dental implant systems have limited research behind them. This in some ways can be compared to a car, in terms of a Rolls Royce is very different to a Skoda. A Rolls Royce would be known for its quality.

Recently a patient attended our dental practice from Russia claiming to have recently had the latest dental implant placed. A radiograph was taken of the patient and in reality they had a blade implant which dates back to the late 80’s early 90’s.

Implant dentistry is an area of dentistry which is constantly evolving, with hundreds of millions of pounds worth of research on a regular basis. Implant companies who invest this money in their research and have a long standing track record are likely to cost slightly more. Because of their reliable track record they are generally considered the “better implant systems”, whereas new implant systems may not have this proven track record.

Treatment can also vary in cost depending on the type of post that is used as this can vary from a gold metal post to a titanium post or a ceramic post. A ceramic post can produce a better aesthetic appearance but is not always ideal with a long spanned bridge where a number of teeth are being replaced. The ceramic posts are generally considered very good in the aesthetic area but tend to cost slightly more.

The degree of cost can sometimes vary due to the experience of the dentist concerned. Some dentists have been placing implants like ourselves for over 20 years and have placed many thousands of implants. Where as some dentists may have only attended a short course and there is a large learning curve with dental implants. As a result of this it is always wise to confirm the number of implants a dental practitioner has placed.

Some patients seek treatment abroad, this can be risky, as if things go wrong it may be difficult to go back to the dentist abroad and in England you have considerable protection under various legal aspects and all dentists in this country have to be registered.

What a patient should do

Before agreeing to treatment at any dental practice it is worth looking at the experience of the dentist concerned, the type of implants used and confirm they are a good quality implant and you feel that all treatment options have been fully explained to you beforehand.

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