The importance of sports mouthguards

The importance of sports mouthguards

Are you an athlete or have a child who plays sports? If so, you’ve probably heard about mouthguards. But do you know why they’re important?

Mouthguards, also known as sports guards or athletic mouth protectors, are devices that cover the teeth and gums to protect them from injury during sports or other physical activities. They’re typically made of a soft, flexible material that moulds to your teeth and provides a cushioning effect.

So why are mouthguards so important for athletes? Here are a few reasons:

Protection from dental injuries

Athletes are at a higher risk of dental injuries than the general population, especially if they play contact sports like football, hockey, or rugby. Without a mouthguard, a blow to the face or mouth can cause a range of injuries, from chipped or broken teeth to more serious damage like tooth loss or jaw fractures. A mouthguard can help absorb the impact and protect your teeth and gums from harm.

Prevention of oral lacerations

In addition to dental injuries, athletes can also experience cuts or lacerations to the inside of the mouth from impacts or collisions during sports. A mouthguard can act as a barrier between your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth, reducing the risk of cuts or abrasions.

Protection from concussions

Studies have shown that mouthguards may also help reduce the risk of concussions in athletes. While the exact mechanism is not yet fully understood, it’s believed that the cushioning effect of a mouthguard may help absorb some of the impact to the jaw and skull, reducing the risk of concussion.

Improved performance

Believe it or not, wearing a mouthguard can actually improve athletic performance. When you wear a mouthguard, it helps stabilize your jaw and aligns your bite, which can improve your balance, strength, and overall athletic ability. Plus, the added confidence and protection from injury can help you focus on the game and play at your best.


So, if you’re an athlete or have a child who plays sports, it’s important to invest in a high-quality mouthguard. There are several types of mouthguards available, including custom-fit mouthguards that are moulded to your teeth by a dentist, and “boil and bite” mouthguards that can be fitted at home by boiling them in water and then biting down to create a custom fit.

While it may be tempting to skip the mouthguard and take your chances on the field or court, the risks of dental injury and other complications are simply not worth it. So, protect your smile and your health by investing in a good quality mouthguard – your teeth and your brain will thank you!

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