Dental Implants Cost and Prices in Birmingham

Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants are the best way to replace most missing teeth.
They will help you to smile confidently, bite into an apple, taste your food
and can even prevent bone shrinkage in your jaw therefore delaying one of the
signs of ageing. They require a highly skilled implant dentist to insert and produce
results for patients.

When considering implant treatment one of the most important considerations for
a patient is the cost. Many patients may look for the cheapest price of dental
implants and cheap dental implant treatment. However when looking for cheap teeth
implants its important to ensure you’re still getting the highest quality of dental
treatment. At Scott Arms Dental Practice we offer affordable dental implants whilst
still providing our patients with the highest quality of care.

How much do dental implants cost?

Many dental practices may offer cheap dental implants or insist they sell the
cheapest ones, but they may not actually reveal the true cost of the implant procedure.
To accurately compare prices between dentists, you must understand the pricing of the
individual parts of dental implant treatment to reveal the overall figure. These include:

  • The cost of the surgery involved in placing the tooth implant into your jaw.
  • The cost of the implant abutment, (a post which attaches the implant to the crown).
  • Restoring the dental implant with the crown ensuring a good match to other teeth and
    a natural look.
  • The experience of the dental surgeon will be of paramount importance to ensure good
    quality care and accurate placement of the implants.

The make of the dental implant. There are many makes of dental implants on the market
from many different countries and teeth implant costs in the UK can vary significantly.
We use one of the top selling implants systems in America call Biomet 3i. These implants
have a proven track record and are extremely reliable.

A single implant complete with post and crown costs about £1975 at our practice,
however this may come down with the placement of multiple implants.

What we offer at Scott Arms is affordable dental treatment of the highest quality
with accurate 3 dimension planning with help from the latest CT scanning devise and
we have over 21 years of experience and have placed many 1000’s of implants at competitive prices.

Dental Implant Prices

The following shows the breakdown of our dental implant prices:

Dental Implants

ConsultationFREE (Radiograph
if required £30 )
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Single Tooth Replacement£1975
Denture Stabilisation£3700 – £7700
Multiple Tooth Replacement with Fixed Bridge Work£3700 – £17300

If you’re interested in dental implants contact the Scott Arms Dental Practice on 0121 357 5000 for your free implant assessment.