Denture Care - How to look after you dentures

Denture care

Cleaning your denture is very important: its surfaces are ideal for bacterial and fungal growth. This is how we recommend you look after your denture:

  • Always be gentle with your dentures as they can if you drop them or are rough with them.
  • Wash your denture when you remove it at night under running water. Be sure that the sink is either full of water or a teatowel is below you so if you drop your denture it won’t break. Make sure you have washed all debris off the denture in cold or lukewarm water: never use hot water as it can warp the shape of your denture.
  • Use a denture cleaning paste recommended by your dentist and a denture brush to gently clean your denture. If you are too rough with it you could cause surface damage. Never use standard toothpaste as it could damage your denture.
  • Wash away all the cleaning paste under cold or lukewarm water and place your denture gently in a glass or bowl of a cleaning solution recommended by your dentist. It is recommended to leave your denture like this over night.
  • Clean your mouth and remaining teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Mouthwash is often recommended too.

If you are unhappy wearing dentures consider having dental implants. Dental implants can
also stabilise loose dentures. Please call now for your free dental implant assessment.