The Denture Treatment Procedure

Denture procedure

Making a denture is a very precise process and consequently requires a few separate visits to the dentist so that the finished prosthesis is optimised perfectly to suit you.

Step 1 – In the initial visit you will discuss with the dentist what you want out of your denture and together you’ll decide on a denture style that is most appropriate for you. The dentist will give you an examination to assess the health of the soft tissue and any remaining teeth and then take impressions of your mouth, using a soft putty-like material, from which study casts will be made.

Step 2 – In your next visit you will have another set of impressions taken using trays that have been constructed from the study casts. These trays are personal to you and will give even more accurate models of your mouth. Jaw registration may also be recorded in this stage, which involves biting on some putty, so the lab technicians can see how your jaws articulate.

Step 3 – Regardless of which material denture you have opted for, a try-in stage is the next step. If your denture is acrylic, a wax model will have been constructed which is tried in the mouth and adjusted accordingly. It is from this adjusted piece of wax that the final acrylic denture is made. If you have opted for a metal-based denture then the metal skeleton will be tried in instead. Providing the metal fits well, it will be sent away to have wax attached in the position of teeth and it’ll have to be tried in one more time before the final denture is constructed.

Also during this stage, you and your dentist will decide on what shape and shade teeth you would like for the denture.

Step 4 – In this stage your finished denture will be given to you. Given that it fits well, and that you are pleased with the shape and shade of the teeth, you are now able to leave the clinic with your new denture.

If you are unhappy wearing dentures consider having dental implants. Dental implants can
also stabilise loose dentures. Please call now for your free dental implant assessment.