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An Implant Dentist is a highly trained dental professional who should have had extensive additional
training allowing the dentist to place dental implants. Dental Implants are certainly the best way to
replace most missing teeth; they look, feel and function similar to normal teeth. Teeth implants, placed
by a trained implant dentist, allow you to eat with confidence again and also even prevent bone shrinkage
in your jaw, delaying one of the signs of ageing.

In order for a dentist to place dental implants, implant dentists in the UK need to have completed a
postgraduate extended learning program before they can provide dental implant treatment to patients.
Implant dentistry is not sufficiently covered within a standard UK dentistry course so implant dentists
have to undergo this addition postgraduate training.

A dental implant dentist is trained in Dental Implantology, a set of surgical techniques that aims
at the functional rehabilitation of a patient with missing teeth with the use of dental implants.
Implant dentist’s use dental implants as an artificial replacement for the root portion of a patients
natural teeth. The implants are anchored into a prepared socket. The dental implant supports either
a crown, bridge or secures a denture firmly in place. Most dental implants used by implant dentists
are made from titanium, a material that is well tolerated by bone and integrates easily with bone
tissue. Dental implants can have different shapes and sizes, allowing dental implant dentists to insert them
in different positions of the mouth with different techniques.

A dental implant dentist (implantologist) creates a site in the patient’s bone (corresponding to the new
tooth to be placed or replaced) by using a set of calibrated burs, then inserts the titanium implant used to
restore the new tooth. Over time the patient’s bone grows onto the implant, fixing it in place permanently
(osseointegration). This forms the stable foundation where the patients new implant can be restored with a
dental crown.

Implant Dentist Photos

Dental Implants can produce some amazing makeovers and dramatically change your life for the better. Here are
some examples of treatment carried out by one of our implant dentists Birmingham:

Photo 1 of a dental implant caseDental Implants can be used to replace missing teethAmazing smile transformations can be achieved using dental implants for teeth replacement
Before treatment, 3 missing front teeth2 Implants, 3 teeth fixed bridgeFinal Smile

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Dental Implant Dentist

Phil Tangri is a leading Implant dentist Birmingham and principle dental implant dentist at the
Scott Arms Dental practice. With over 21 years of dental implant experience, Phil has placed thousands of
implants in dental implant patients at the Scott Arms Dental Implant centre. If you’re interested in dental
implant treatment by one of our dental implant dentists, contact the Scott Arms Dental practice for a FREE
dental implant assessment