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Wrinkle Reduction Now Available at Scott Arms

Wrinkle Reduction Now Available at Scott Arms

We wanted to let you know about a new line of services we are now offering at Scott Arms Dental Practice in Birmingham. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering anti-wrinkle treatment and fine line reduction.

We also offer various dermal filler/lip filler services.

It involves the use of a cosmetic drug that is primarily used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to help treat excessive sweating from the underarms, and pain from grinding your teeth at night. We can also use it to reduce a ‘gummy smile’.

How anti-wrinkle injectibles work

They work by temporarily blocking the signals sent between the nerves and muscles causing the skin to become firmer and younger looking. We use multiple well-known brands which are suited for different applications and areas of your face. 

Why a dentist is more suited to supply this treatment for you?

  • 5 year undergraduate degree with years of post graduate experience in (facial anatomy, facial asymmetry, dental cosmetics and muscle movements)
  • CQC regulated service with ensures a high level of cleanliness and professionalism
  • Highly reputable dentists at an award-winning dental practice. Not all of our dentists offer these treatments, only the ones who have undergone additional training. 

Why should you have wrinkle-reduction treatment? 

  • Safe
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Fast treatment
  • Results last up to 3-4 months
  • Fight against aging while lines are not permanent
  • Little downtime

Please ring us now on 0121 357 5000 to book a consultation. There will be a £20 deposit for the consultation which comes off of your treatment. 

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Why is whitening such a great treatment option?


How important are our smiles?

With the ‘American smile’ being all over current magazines and social media, many of us aspire to have that perfect white smile. A smile shows confidence and happiness and is an incredibly important feature to many of us helping with our relationships and success. The oral health foundation state that a smile is at the top of the list of things that we first notice when meeting a new person and that teeth/smiles are the second most important attractive feature by both men and women (personality being first). They also found that nearly 50% of the population are unhappy with their teeth and that 64% of these people are unhappy due to them being discoloured.

Whitening is a safe, conservative and affordable option to help brighten your smile and here at Scott Arms Dental Practice we can offer you affordable whitening with great results.

What is it and when can it be used?

Tooth whitening is application of a whitening solution into a custom made tray to fit your mouth. It lightens the natural colour of your teeth safely without removing any of your tooth surface. Perhaps you’ve noticed your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, after all they do discolour over time. Or, perhaps you drink a lot of coffee or tea and this has contributed to a discolouration of your teeth. Surface stains such as these can be effectively lightened using a whitening treatment in order to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Which product is used to whiten teeth?

Here at Scott arms dental practice we use ‘Boutique whitening’. Boutique offers two different systems- both a day and night which caters for patients’ individual needs. Night tends to be the most popular- with so many people having such busy lives, using the night time whitening system is perfect to fit into your schedule. It is also great for those who suffer with sensitivity as it is less likely to cause sensitivity after the whitening. It’s super simple for you to do at home and gives you the flexibility to get the exact results you wish for as you can use it for as long a period of time as you like to get the results you want. The night time product is 16% carbamide peroxide and is placed into your tray and worn throughout the night. We recommend to use it every night for two weeks to get optimum results- however this amount of time can be adjusted to ensure you get your own personal results.

Once you’ve reached your desired shade, you have the trays for life. Therefore, whenever you feel as though it needs a top up- you’re able to do this as and when needed.

Whitening really is a great treatment option for those looking to brighten their smile. Not only is it simple for you to do at home, it is also minimally invasive on your teeth- no drilling or long appointments is required!

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