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Can you go to the hospital to see a dentist?

A dentist working at a hospital.

Medical hospitals do not treat standard dental problems, though sometimes more complex dental treatment can be referred to those with oral and maxillofacial surgery departments. However, there are a number of dental hospitals around the UK, such as the Birmingham Dental Hospital, which treat both regular patients and emergencies (much like a dental A&E). As an emergency, you can check in at the hospital and wait to be seen without having made an appointment. Your problem will be diagnosed and often treated by a supervised dental student, rather than a qualified practitioner. In many cases, the department will remove the cause of pain but recommend that you follow up the procedure by either visiting your dentist, or registering with one of the students at the hospital. Though there is often a considerable waiting list, this gives you the opportunity to see one of the students for treatment on a regular basis as they undergo their training. This option is very popular; qualified dentists supervise the students and any treatment undergone (except the making of dentures) is free.

However, if you have a dental problem outside of the dental hospital’s opening hours, there are other emergency dental practices that can see you. In Birmingham, Scott Arms Dental Practice specialises in fast and effective emergency treatment and has seen thousands of emergency patients over its many years in business. You don’t need to be registered and can always guarantee a same-day appointment. Scott Arms Dental Practice sees emergency patients from 9am right up to 11pm, 365 days a week. Outside of these hours there is a 24hr helpline for emergency advice.

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