Types of Dentures

Types of dentures:

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are those that are made around natural, healthy teeth. They are often held in place by using the remaining teeth as sights of attachment, either through clasps or using the denture material to engage the natural dental undercuts. They can be made of either acrylic, high-impact acrylic or a cobalt chrome alloy (with acrylic teeth and acrylic build- up in visible areas for an aesthetic finish).


Removable Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are what most people imagine when they hear the term ‘dentures’. They are a full set of teeth, either for the upper or lower jaw, attached to an acrylic base. They gain their retention in the mouth by adaptation to the bone and soft tissue, though a denture adhesive can be used for increased stability in some situations.

Tooth-Supported Overdentures

Overdentures are either partial or complete dentures that lie over the top of other teeth in your mouth. Generally these teeth are heavily broken down but are still healthy and do not need removing. The purpose of leaving them in place rather than extracting them is to gain extra support for the denture, as they act like pegs onto which the denture can attach. However, if it is suspected that the remaining teeth are unhealthy, they will most likely be removed and a complete denture will be recommended instead.

Implant-Supported Overdentures

Implant-supported complete dentures are sometimes referred to as overdentures as they are dentures which attach over the top of an implant, much like tooth-supported overdentures do with remaining teeth. They are often a very successful way to get extra stability and retention into a denture, making it less likely to become loose on eating or talking. Furthermore, implant-supported dentures never require a denture adhesive and, because implants promote bone maintenance, the bone levels of the jaw remain at high densities, which can help decrease signs of aging.

Implant-supported dentures are made of acrylic, exactly the same as removable complete dentures, but have an extra mechanism underneath for the implant attachment. Click here to read more about implant-supported overdentures.

Cosmetic dentures

At Scott Arms Dental Practice our dentures are always of the highest quality materials and we pride ourselves in producing strong, stable dentures with an emphasis on good-looking results. Our expert lab technicians are specially trained in the skilled combining of different acrylics to make natural looking teeth of a desired shade and translucency. Creating the perfect tooth shape is also something our lab technicians are professionals in; due to years of experience, they are able to introduce contours and shading to acrylic teeth, which results in a completely natural finish.

Cosmetic dentures also focus on, and adjust, the shape of your face when you lips are closed. Tooth loss is often coupled with bone loss and this can result in a ‘sunken’ looking face associated with age. Scott Arms Dental Practice aims to turn back the clocks with our dentures to help return your profile to a more full and youthful appearance. There are three main ways to do this:

  1. Acrylic build up – we are able to build up the acrylic on the outer parts of the denture in a comfortable and natural way to help return the mouth to its original shape.
  2. Bone grafting – we are able to perform bone grafts to fill out the lacking areas which means that even without your dentures, the sinking in of your cheeks is slightly resisted.
  3. Implant-supported dentures – implant-supported dentures help maintain bone levels and stop them shrinking further as the material used, titanium, is able to fuse to the bone and restrict its decline.

Same day dentures

  • Immediate dentures after tooth extraction

At Scott Arms Dental Practice we are able to offer a set of immediate dentures that can be worn after tooth extractions. The main advantage of this form of treatment is that you are able to leave the practice with a full set of teeth that look good and function appropriately. Though they will need to be replaced once the tissues have healed and changed shape, an immediate denture is beneficial in protecting the tissue during healing, stopping the cheeks sinking in and allowing you to have some time to get used to what a denture feels like before your permanent one is made.

  • Same-day denture repair

If your dentures break or begin to hurt/dig in, we offer an emergency service up to 11 o clock at night to help. If we can’t fix your dentures there and then we can generally offer you a one-day turnaround as part of our emergency service so you are never without your dentures for more than 24 hours.

If you are unhappy wearing dentures consider having dental implants. Dental implants can
also stabilise loose dentures. Please call now for your free dental implant assessment.