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Same Day Emergency Dental Service

Offering both emergency and general dental treatment, the Scott Arms Dental Practice sees and treats one of the highest number of emergency treatment patients in the West Midlands area. Having once been the official out-of-hours emergency contact for the Birmingham Dental Hospital patients, Scott Arms have over two decades worth of emergency management and specialise in same-day appointments with fast and effective pain relief.

Open all Year Round – Including Christmas

Open 365 days a year to treat any dental emergency, Scott Arms is a consistent provider of immediate treatment. Emergency appointments are available on the same day up until 11:00pm. We also operate a help-line which runs 24 hours over the weekend: our highly-trained nurses and are experienced at offering dental advice and can book you in for the first appointment of the following day at any time of night.

Dental Emergencies

The following are all described as dental emergencies by the West Midland Emergency Dentists:

Dental emergencies most commonly involve toothache, though Scott Arms Dental Practice is experienced at dealing with and treating all of the above.

Emergency Dental Advice

If you are suffering from toothache and aren’t available to see us, feel free to call one of our nurses for advice. Furthermore, below you will find some common alleviating home remedies to help ease the discomfort:

  • Take standard pain medication such as ibuprofen. Co-codamol is often recommended as it contains both paracetamol and codeine, which can both be taken alongside ibuprofen for thorough pain relief. A successful way of incorporating all these drugs to maximum effect is to stagger their use. Always read the leaflet provided before taking any of these medications as they are not appropriate for everyone.
  • Both Aleve (naproxen sodium) and Tylenol (acetaminophen) have been suggested as particularly effective against pain of dental origin. As before, always read the leaflet before consuming any medication.
  • Warm salt-water rinses are always recommended for soft-tissue injuries. Swollen gums, irritated soft tissues, painful wisdom teeth, abscesses and previous extraction sites can all usually be eased by a gentle rinse with warm salt water.
  • If you can’t see a dentist until the next morning, sleep with an extra pillow at night. Having the wound slightly higher will reduce the blood flow to the area, limiting inflammation.
  • Clove oil can be used directly on a sore tooth to help ease pain.
  • Difflam can be bought at a number of pharmacies and is effective at easing any soft tissue pain. Be sure to read the label and use appropriately.
  • Ice/heat compress – wrapping either ice cubes or a heated press in a blanket and applying it to the face in the area of pain can often help. Sometimes you will know whether hot or cold will be most alleviating. Hot presses are often recommended for muscular pains, such as those associated with jaw joint pain, while cold presses may be better at easing tooth ache. Don’t use the pack for more than ten minutes at a time to avoid injury.
  • Vanilla extract (not essence) can help ease tooth ache when applied to the tooth in question. It contains a low level of alcohol, which provides a numbing effect. The scent is often thought to be calming too.

Call Now for Emergency Dental Treatment

To make an appointment for West Midlands emergency treatment or to receive dental emergency advice, call 0121 357 5000, available until 11pm Mon-Thurs and 24 hours Fri-Sun.

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