Sedation - Sedative Dentistry


Dental Sedation Birmingham

We understand that the thought of seeing a dentist can provoke feelings of anxiety, especially when one relates to past experiences. We feel that with an unhurried, gentle, sympathetic approach most fears can be allayed. We are fully aware of these fears and if necessary we can offer intravenous sedation. This will enable you to relax, feel at ease and be comfortable during treatment. Sedation makes you feel like you have had a couple of bottles of wine, leaving you to feel very relaxed and “chilled out”. Most patients that have sedation really enjoy the experience!


Initially the dentist will do a pre-operative assessment which will include factors such as:

  • Age
  • Medical Status
  • Degree of Anxiety
  • Difficulty and type of dental work required

Following assessment a consultation and discussion with the dentist will take place to ensure your satisfaction with the required treatment needed. Then treatment can commence. The sedation is administered intravenously, usually in the back of the hand or arm. We use a drug called Midazolam, to produce sleepiness or drowsiness and to relieve anxiety before surgery or certain procedures.

When the treatment is complete the effects of the sedation will last for around 24 hours, therefore it is necessary to have someone with you at all times, you will also be unable to drive, drink, or operate machinery until the effects of the sedation have fully worn off.

To find out about the sedation information we give to patients Sedation information.

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