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<!–Dental Crowns in Birmingham are used to replace missing teeth or even improve old ones–>

Crowns are used to restore and improve the aesthetics and function of teeth that are heavily filled or broken down. Aesthetic crowns are used in areas of the mouth where appearance is important. They are made of porcelain or porcelain firmly bonded on to a precious metal substructure. A crown can strengthen your teeth when fillings become too large to stay in place.

Used correctly crowns can improve your smile, strengthen weak teeth, and restore your ability to chew in some areas. They are also used on back teeth after root treatments to reinforce the tooth.


What are crowns made of?

Porcelain (no metal) crowns are metal free and look very natural, unlike traditional old-style crowns which often display a distinctive metal line adjacent to the gum line.

Porcelain fused to metal combines the appearance of porcelain with the added strength of metal.

Gold crowns tend to be used for back teeth as gold can be strong in thin sections, therefore less tooth destruction takes place in preparing space for the crown.




To prepare the tooth for a crown, it is reduced so the crown can fit over it. An impression of the teeth and gums are made and sent off to the lab for the crown fabrication. A temporary crown is fitted over the tooth until the permanent crown is made. On the next visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the permanent crown onto the tooth.



Case 1: EMAX crowns

These broken teeth were treated with root canal therapy and EMAX crowns.



Case 2: EMAX crown UR1

EMAX crown UR1 to restore tooth structure after trauma.




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