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Here are testimonials we have received from patients at the practice:

Thank you so much! I never thought that I would feel confident and trust in a dentist, but now I do. You are insightful, caring and gentle and these qualities combined with your skill make you “one dentist in a million”. Thank you so much for giving me so much to smile for.

I thought I would contact yourselves on behalf of my daughter and myself in relation to the dental work that you recently carried out on ourselves. My daughter is absolutely delighted with the whitening and veneer work she received and I am equally happy with the denture retaining implants that you did for me. You probally cannot imagine the lifestyle change that has happened to me since the implantation, I can now eat anything and I do mean anything. The professional attitude of your practice is second to none and I would recommend anyone to take advantage of your services.

I have decided to write to you regarding the service in which I have recently received on several occasions by your practice. I have had treatment by three surgeons and they have all been very polite, pleasant, understanding and very patient. As a child I had very bad experiences with the dentist which scared me for a long time. However, attending your practice is becomming more pleasant each time. The appointment procedure is unbelieveable as I have never had to wait for long. All the staff are kind, well spoken people from the first person on arrival to the last one I see when leaving. They are a true credit to you. I travel a fair distance to your surgery because of the service I receive and will certainly continue to do so. In all, the whole operation is OUTSTANDING. A big thank you to you and all your staff…

I’ve always had problems with my teeth and the dentists I have to see, ever since a child I have dreaded visiting a dentist. After hearing about your dental practice from a friend I decided to come try it out as I wasn’t satisfied with my old practice . After visiting your practice I was so impressed with how friendly the staff were, from the receptionists to the nurses and dentist I saw EVERY single one of them had bright and friendly characters. I was really impressed with the wait time, I had barely sat down in the waiting room for a minute before I was seen, a big difference from waiting 30+ minutes every time at my old dentists. Due to the great experience I had with my initial visit I decided to come back further for some much needed cosmetic worth on my teeth, which has worked out incredibly well for me. I now have the smile I always wanted, when I’m out with my friends they say I’m so much more chatty and full of life, no more do I have to keep my mouth closed in embarrassment. I cannot stress how satisfied I am with the treatment I’ve received from your practice! I hope you continue with the high standard of work and keep those lovely staff members. I hope you can continue to change the lives other patients like you did with me. Thank you.

I am writing to you on behalf of my wife who received treatment from you last month. Within the 23 years of our marriage. I have never seen her so happy and content with her own appearance, the dental work has had such a significant impact on her life already I wish we had been informed about your excellent practice earlier. Thank you Scott Arms Dental Practice.

Cheers for the help guys I’m really impressed with everything. I’ve always had a problem with how dark/faded/yellow my teeth have been, despite sticking away from food and drink that may decolour them and brushing multiple times every single day. After having my teeth whitened I can’t stop smiling to myself in mirrors, It’s really bad I know but it just makes me happy to see nice teeth in my mouth for once. I shall be definitely coming back to your practice, thanks guys!

When I used to commute to my old job I used to drive past your practice a fair bit and considered paying a visit, sadly I forgot all about it until I drove past your billboard a couple of months ago. I was quite reluctant to as I haven’t had a very good experience with my previous dental practice, however I knew I needed a couple of fillings desperately. The silver fillings I’ve had before made me feel like a tin man, and after having one of them fall out back in my teens I’ve always been paranoid with what I eat because I didn’t want that to happen again. Your practice seemed really good as soon as I got in through the front door, your reception staff were really friendly and after making a few enquiries I decided to back and see a dentist. What a good decision that was, the member of staff I saw was really friendly and we discussed my problems and she told me about having some tooth coloured fillings. I had all my old fillings removed and replaced with some really good white fillings which were moulded into my teeth easily and efficiently, much better than my experience of sheets of metal being forced into the holes in my teeth. These new fillings are great, they feel nice when I roll my tongue over them and you cannot seem them at all whilst my mouth is open. I’ve shown my mother and told her how great your staff are and she will be coming in to replace hers too. You are a gem amongst the other dentists in Birmingham, I will definitely be telling the rest of my family and my friends about you, thanks again.

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