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Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures

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What are dentures?

Dentures are also known as false teeth. They are made from metal or high-quality plastic, and fit into your gums to replace missing teeth. Dentures can replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth (complete dentures), or just a few of them (partial dentures), or even just one tooth. Because of their advantages, dentures are one of the most common ways of replacing absent teeth. The procedure to make them is non-invasive, and faster than other methods of tooth replacement – in fact, your dentures can be ready within just a few weeks. Dentures are also often the cheapest method of tooth replacement.

Scott Arms Dental Practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality dentures in the Birmingham and West Midlands area – including Coventry, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Worcester.

The Value of Dentures


Although dentures don’t last as long as dental implants, they can still last for years if they are cared for properly. Furthermore, Scott Arms Dental Practise makes dentures to the highest standards, which means they retain their use for longer.

Made Quickly

Dentures take just a few weeks to make. This is relatively fast compared to installing dental implants, which can take up to eight months. Temporary dentures can also be made straight after a tooth extraction, so no-one would ever guess you’ve had a tooth out. In comparison, other methods of tooth replacement can’t begin until months after an extraction. Therefore, with dentures you’ll be smiling sooner!

Non-invasive Procedure

Unlike dental implants, dentures require no needles, sharp tools or invasive surgery. Instead, the straight-forward procedure consists of simply making a mould of your teeth with a putty-like material, which is then sent away to help make your final dentures.

Value for Money

Because making dentures is a relatively simple procedure, dentures are usually a cheaper option than dental implants and dental bridges.

Smile with Confidence

Sculpted to your individual needs, dentures look and feel natural. Replacing your missing teeth, they complete your smile, dramatically improving aesthetics – share yourself with others without refrain!

How are dentures made?

  1. Free Denture Assessment

    Come in for a friendly chat with one of our dentists who can advise you on the right solution.

  2. Taking an Impression

    The dentist takes measurements of your mouth, and then places a putty-like material in your mouth to make a mould to create an accurate impression of your gums.

  3. Making Wax Blocks

    A dental technician makes wax blocks from the moulds. These are then put into your mouth to determine how your teeth bite together, which ensures that your final dentures allow you to bite properly.

  4. Testing the Temporary Denture

    A trial denture is made to your personal specifications. You can try it out to ensure you’re happy with its shape, colour and appearance. When you give the go ahead, the final denture is made using stronger materials.

  5. Your New Dentures Are Ready!

    The denture is ready to use. It might need small adjustments, so you should see the dentist again a few weeks later.

Looking After Your Dentures

Dentures are as easy to care for as normal teeth. In fact, just like normal teeth, they need to be cleaned by brushing them twice a day. Optionally, you can also soak them in a denture-cleaning solution to keep them even cleaner.

If you remove your dentures at night, you should keep them moist to stop them from drying out and changing shape. To do this, put them in water overnight, or in a plastic bag with damp cotton wool.

Even with a complete dentures, you need to still see your dentist regularly. This is because you can still get gum disease if you don’t take clean them properly.

Denture Options and Prices

Here are common options for tooth replacement with Dentures.

  • singleSingle Tooth Replacement with a Partial Denture

    Replace a missing tooth with a partial denture from £xxxx – £xxxx



  • bridgeMultiple Tooth Replacement with a Partial Denture

    Replace multiple teeth in a row with a partial denture from £xxxx – £xxxx.




  • dentureComplete Dentures

    Your full mouth can be restored with a full set of dentures from £xxxx – £xxxx.




Value for Money

The price may seem steep, but considering what you get for it you shouldn’t let it deter you. Other reasons include:

  • No Hidden Costs

    You pay one price for all work. However, an x-ray/radiograph will cost an additional £30 if you need it.

  • Interest Free Finance

    Spread the cost over up to 2 years with our 0% APR financing if you can’t afford to pay in one go.

  • Value for money

    Because the procedure to make dentures is relatively straight-forward, they are often the cheapest method of tooth replacement.

Why Scott Arms?

  • Over 24 Years of Dentures and Dental Implant Experience

    Dr. Phil TangriDr. Phil Tangri is our implant expert at the Scott Arms Dental Practice. Since completing extensive postgraduate training in implant dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (London), he’s placed thousands of implants over 24 years with a success rate of 98%.

    Phil has been the practice owner since taking over the practice in 1994. He has been fundamental in helping Scott Arms grow into one of the largest and most highly reputable practices in the West Midlands.

    Our other implant dentists Dr. Richard Ostins and Dr. Adam Higgins have over 10 years experience with implants each.

  • Latest Techniques and Technology

    Phil Tangri is one of the top users of Biomet 3i dental implants in the UK – one of the top implant systems in the United States. Biomet 3i implants have a microtextured surface documented by 15 years of research – providing for enhanced tissue preservation and bone integration. Phil also reqularly attends courses to learn the latest techniques in implant dentistry. This ensures that you’ll get the highest quality work.

    We also offer the new Straumann SLA Active BLT implant in addition to Biomet 3i. This Straumann implant is currently the best implant on the market – its cutting edge design offering much better initial stability.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    The Scott Arms dental team is dedicated to quality care and patient satisfaction. Here are the thoughts of a patient who’s had success with us in the past.

    I would strongly advise people who are as I was to take steps to see the staff at Scott Arms practice, they will not be disappointed. I was told that after treatment I would be able to eat apples, and it has proved to be so. I am enjoying my meals once again. It has indeed proved a good investment of time & money

    D. Boden
    I would strongly advise people who are as I was to take steps to see the staff at Scott Arms practice, they will not be disappointed. I was told that after treatment I would be able to eat apples, and it has proved to be so. I am enjoying my meals once again. It has indeed proved a good investment of time & money

    D. Boden


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