Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants Birmingham

How to Dispose of Your Dentures

For those missing most or all of their teeth, even though implant retained dentures offer a fully functional alternative to dentures – they will never feel like teeth of your own.

For those who want the best and nothing but, full mouth reconstruction with dental implants offers results that cannot be taken for granted. Here’s why:

£5,490 – £39,750

The Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Teeth that Feel Like Your Own

Your new teeth (crowns and bridges) will be anchored seamlessly into your jawbone via titanium implants. Since your teeth are replaced from the tip to the root, they will feel just like your natural teeth. After a period of getting used to them, you won’t even notice they’re there! And you definitely won’t be removing them at night.

Say Goodbye to Gagging

Your new teeth won’t have any bulky attachments like dentures as they are attached to your jawbone directly. The result is no gagging – so you can eat in comfort and confidence.

Your Smile Reborn

Your new smile will be designed with the aid of the latest computer technology. With 3D previews you can be sure you’ll get a smile you’re happy with.

A Fuller Younger Face

Like natural teeth, dental implants will stimulate your jawbone. This avoids the facial bone loss associated with missing teeth and dentures – and the ‘sunken’ look that goes with it. The result is a more youthful, fuller face.

Bring Life back to Your Meals

Unlike dentures, your palate will not be obstructed when restored using dental implants – allowing you to taste your food normally.

Results that Last a Lifetime

Integrated firmly within your jawbone, dental implants are every bit as strong and stable as natural teeth. With regular brushing and flossing they will last a lifetime. Any implants that fail to take root will be replaced free of charge.

How We Do It

  1. Free Consultation and Examination

    Come in for a friendly consultation to discuss your needs. A thorough examination of the remaining teeth, gums, supporting bone, muscles and jaw joint will explain what dentistry is needed and why. This with the aid of a CT scan and impressions will allow us to build a 3D model of your jaw.

  2. Computer Aided Smile Design

    Using the 3D model and advanced computer technology, we will design and plan your new smile with precision. Through assessing each aspect of the bone we are able to determine optimal dental implant positioning, length and width to the nearest 0.1mm. With the foundation in place, the shape and symmetry of your new teeth can be designed accordingly.

  3. 3D Preview of Your New Teeth

    A 3D preview is then constructed from the previous diagnostic steps and presented to you for feedback. We won’t progress with treatment until you’re happy with it.

  4. Implant Placement and Tooth Restoration

    Dental implants are placed below the gum. This is a surprisingly quick procedure taking only 15 minutes per implant and is quite comfortable under local anesthetic. Remaining broken down teeth will be prepared for crowns and veneers, bringing them in line with the rest of your smile.

  5. Fitting of Temporaries

    Temporary teeth will be fitted for you to wear for a couple of months while the implants stabilise.

  6. Your New Teeth

    The moment you’ve been waiting for. Your final teeth designed especially for you are placed – see your new smile in action.

More on the implant placement procedure.


Full Mouth Reconstuction Cost

Full mouth reconstruction with implants costs from £3950-20650 per arch depending on how many implants are placed and the materials used. During your free consultation, all options will be laid out before you according to your individual needs.

How can I Afford Dental Implants?

Spread the cost over up to 2 years interest free with our 0% APR finance. There’s no hidden costs. Please ask for details.


Why Scott Arms?

  • Over 24 Years of Implant Experience

    Dr. Phil TangriDr. Phil Tangri is our implant expert at the Scott Arms Dental Practice. Since completing extensive postgraduate training in implant dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (London), he’s placed thousands of implants over 24 years with a success rate of 98%.

    Phil has been the practice owner since taking over the practice in 1994. He has been fundamental in helping Scott Arms grow into one of the largest and most highly reputable practices in the West Midlands.

    Our other implant dentists Dr. Richard Ostins and Dr. Adam Higgins have over 10 years experience with implants each.

  • Latest Techniques and Technology

    Phil Tangri is one of the top placers of Biomet 3i dental implants in the UK – one of the top implant systems in the United States. Biomet 3i implants have a microtextured surface documented by 15 years of research – providing for enhanced tissue preservation and bone integration. Phil also reqularly attends courses to learn the latest techniques in implant dentistry. This ensures that you’ll get the highest quality work.

    We also offer the new Straumann SLA Active BLT implant in addition to Biomet 3i. This Straumann implant is currently the best implant on the market – its cutting edge design offering much better initial stability.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    The Scott Arms dental team is dedicated to quality care and patient satisfaction. Here are the thoughts of a patient who’s had success with us in the past.

    I would strongly advise people who are as I was to take steps to see the staff at Scott Arms practice, they will not be disappointed. I was told that after treatment I would be able to eat apples, and it has proved to be so. I am enjoying my meals once again. It has indeed proved a good investment of time & money

    D. Boden
    I would strongly advise people who are as I was to take steps to see the staff at Scott Arms practice, they will not be disappointed. I was told that after treatment I would be able to eat apples, and it has proved to be so. I am enjoying my meals once again. It has indeed proved a good investment of time & money

    D. Boden


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