Implant-supported bridges

Replace multiple teeth with implant-supported bridges

Missing teeth a blight on your smile and your meals?

Implant-supported bridges offer a solution superior in aesthetics, comfort and function. For multiple missing teeth, implant-supported bridges can replace 3 or 4 teeth in a row with only 2 implants, though more may be needed depending on the situation.

Unlike conventional bridges, which have to be fixed to teeth surrounding the gap (damaging them), implant-supported bridges are anchored to dental implants. Made of titanium, these implants are placed into your jawbone, acting as a new tooth root for your new teeth. This offers a much more stable alternative to conventional bridgework and partial dentures that don’t interfere with the surrounding teeth – as comfortable as teeth of your own!


The Benefits of Implant Supported Bridges

Teeth that Feel Like Your Own

Your new teeth (bridges) will be anchored seamlessly into your jawbone via titanium implants. Since your teeth are replaced from the tip to the root, they will feel just like your natural teeth. After a period of getting used to them, you won’t even notice they’re there! And you definitely won’t be removing them at night.

Comfortable Alternative to Partial Dentures

Implant-supported bridges are the best way to replace multiple missing teeth. Here your new teeth (the bridge) are placed and fixed upon dental implants, instead of clipping onto surrounding teeth like a partial denture, making implant-supported bridges much more comfortable.

Complete Your Smile

Sculpted to your individual needs, dental implants look and feel natural. Replacing your missing front teeth, they complete your smile, dramatically improving aesthetics – share yourself with others without refrain!

Chew Your Food with Ease

If your missing teeth cause difficulty when eating, implant-supported bridges provide the solutions. Unlike traditional alternatives like partial dentures, the new titanium tooth roots provided by the implants are very strong and stable, allowing you to eat normally – enjoy the feeling of biting into your meals once again!

A Fuller Younger Face

Like natural teeth, dental implants will stimulate your jawbone. This avoids the facial bone loss associated with missing teeth and dentures – and the ‘sunken’ look that goes with it. The result is a more youthful, fuller face.

Results that Last a Lifetime

With proper care, dental implants are the permanent solution to missing teeth because they integrate with the bone. Alternatives such as traditional bridges and dentures are not nearly as stable will need to be replaced after less than 10 years, and cost more to maintain. Also, implants help distribute force over your remaining teeth, lengthening their lifespan, whereas traditional bridgework requires damaging adjacent teeth.


How are Implants Placed?

The 5 stage process for implant-supported bridges is outlined below.

  1. Free Implant Assessment

    Come in for a friendly chat and examination with one of our implant dentists.

  2. Diagnosis with CT Scan or X-ray

    Here we plan for successful implant treatment by modelling with impressions, CT scanning, X-rays and other sources of information.

  3. Implant Placement

    The titanium implants are placed below the gum using a simple 5 minute technique, which is easy and comfortable.

  4. Implant Stabilisation Period

    The teeth implants are left for 12-14 weeks to integrate with the bone (known as osseointegration) and become strong and stable. You’ll wear temporary teeth during this period.

  5. Placing New Teeth

    The final bridgework is completed and placed onto the implants.


Implant Supported Bridges Cost

Replacing multiple teeth with implant-supported bridges costs from £5,490-39,750 depending on how many implants are placed and the materials used. All options will be laid out before you during your free consultation according to your individual needs.

How can I Afford Dental Implants?

Spread the cost over up to 2 years interest-free with our 0% APR finance. There are no hidden costs. Please ask for details.



Case 1: Fixed bridge

UL2-UR2 denture replacement for a four-implant fixed bridge with extensive horizontal bone grafting.



Case 2: Implant bridge

Full arch upper fixed implant bridge.




Why Scott Arms?

  • Over 30 Years of Implant Experience

    Dr. Phil TangriDr. Phil Tangri is our implant expert at the Scott Arms Dental Practice. Since completing extensive postgraduate training in implant dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (London), he’s placed thousands of implants over 24 years with a success rate of 98%.

    Phil has been the practice owner since taking over the practice in 1994. He has been fundamental in helping Scott Arms grow into one of the largest and most highly reputable practices in the West Midlands.

    Our other implant dentists Dr. Richard Ostins and Dr. Adam Higgins have over 10 years experience with implants each.

  • Latest Techniques and Technology

    Phil Tangri is one of the top users of Biomet 3i dental implants in the UK – one of the top implant systems in the United States. Biomet 3i implants have a microtextured surface documented by 15 years of research – providing for enhanced tissue preservation and bone integration. Phil also reqularly attends courses to learn the latest techniques in implant dentistry. This ensures that you’ll get the highest quality work.

    We also offer the new Straumann SLA Active BLT implant in addition to Biomet 3i. This Straumann implant is currently the best implant on the market – its cutting edge design offering much better initial stability.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    The Scott Arms dental team is dedicated to quality care and patient satisfaction. Here are the thoughts of a patient who’s had success with us in the past.

    I would strongly advise people who are as I was to take steps to see the staff at Scott Arms practice, they will not be disappointed. I was told that after treatment I would be able to eat apples, and it has proved to be so. I am enjoying my meals once again. It has indeed proved a good investment of time & money

    D. Boden
    I would strongly advise people who are as I was to take steps to see the staff at Scott Arms practice, they will not be disappointed. I was told that after treatment I would be able to eat apples, and it has proved to be so. I am enjoying my meals once again. It has indeed proved a good investment of time & money

    D. Boden


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