Mini dental implants

Mini dental implants

In recent years, mini dental implants have become an increasingly popular alternative to normal implants. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at mini dental implants, their benefits, and who might be a good candidate for them.


What are mini dental implants?

Just like traditional dental implants, they’re used to replace missing teeth, except mini implants are smaller versions of traditional implants. They’re smaller in diameter than traditional implants.

Mini implants are often used to stabilize a denture or partial denture. They are made of titanium and have a ball-shaped end that protrudes above the gumline. The ball-shaped end fits into a socket on the denture, holding it securely in place. Mini dental implants are typically used in situations where the patient has experienced bone loss, and traditional implants cannot be placed. These are patients with insufficient bone in their jaw to support traditional implants.

The main differences between mini and traditional implants are size, design, and placement. Mini implants are simpler and placed on the gum surface, whereas traditional implants are placed under the gums. Mini dental implants are suitable for people who have limited space in their jaw, as well as for those who need to retain their overdentures. They can last a lifetime, but their bite force tolerance is lower than traditional implants.


The benefits of mini dental implants

  • Quick and easy placement – Mini dental implants can be placed in a single appointment, and the procedure is less invasive than traditional implants. There is no need for sutures, and recovery time is minimal.
  • Cost-effective – Mini dental implants are less expensive than traditional implants, making them an affordable option for patients who need to replace missing teeth.
  • Less bone required – Because mini dental implants are smaller in diameter, they require less bone to be placed. This makes them an excellent option for patients who have experienced bone loss or who do not have enough bone to support traditional implants.
  • Improved stability and comfort – Mini dental implants can improve the stability and comfort of dentures or partial dentures, making it easier to eat and speak with confidence.

Who is a good candidate for mini dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, a denture or partial denture that is uncomfortable or unstable, or have experienced bone loss, you may be a good candidate for mini dental implants. To determine if mini dental implants are right for you, your dentist will evaluate your dental health, review your medical history, and take x-rays or scans of your mouth.



In conclusion, mini dental implants are a viable option for those who need to replace missing teeth or stabilize dentures. They offer several advantages over traditional implants, including quick and easy placement, improved stability and comfort, and a more affordable cost. If you think mini dental implants might be right for you, talk to us about your options and let us help you get the smile you deserve.


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