False Teeth Implants

False teeth implants to replace missing teeth in Birmingham

Whether the false teeth are to replace a single tooth or many, one out of five adults in England are wearing some kind of artificial teeth. Half of these people are over fifty-five years of age. The main problem with false teeth dentures is that they tend to be loose, they cover the palate in the upper jaw which stops patients tasting their food, and they make patients feel very self-conscious and can ‘knock’ their confidence. With those kinds of statements, more and more people are now looking for alternative ways to replace their dentures.

False teeth implants (dental implants) are the best and most natural way to replace missing teeth. They can help you regain your confident smile, chew and taste your food, and they can even prevent bone shrinkage in your jaw, which can be one of the signs of ageing. They are also a lot more affordable now that there is the option of interest free credit available.

False teeth implants replace the missing tooth and form a stable foundation for the replacement teeth. They look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Implants can be used to replace single teeth, several teeth or even a complete jaw. They can also be used to stabilise your dentures from moving about, particularly the lower dentures.

The benefits of false teeth implants over conventional methods of tooth replacement include the preservation of the gum and the supporting bone. They will help to distribute the force evenly over your remaining teeth, and therefore may help to lengthen their life span. Alternatives like bridgework involve cutting down teeth either side of the gap, and dentures can be uncomfortable to wear and some may look out of place.

At Scott Arms Dental Practice, Dr Philip Tangri has over 22 years of experience in dental implants and is one of the leading dentists and dental implant surgeons in the West Midlands and the country. During the 22 years, Philip has placed many thousands of false teeth implants resulting into thousands of happy patients and a reputation as one of the best dentists to visit for dental implants. He has received his diploma in dental implants from the Royal College of Surgeons. Using the latest technology available, dental implants (false teeth implants) are the best option to give you the ability to smile, laugh, speak and eat with confidence.

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