How to write a letter from the Tooth Fairy

How to write a letter from the Tooth Fairy

Losing milk teeth can be scary for children. Maybe that’s why adults came up with the Tooth Fairy: it makes the prospect of losing a tooth exciting instead.

Traditionally, the tooth fairy has left money under children’s pillows in exchange for their teeth. But instead of it all being about (costly!) rewards, you can also make good use of the loss of a tooth to remind your child about good tooth care. The tooth fairy is now leaving thank you notes!

What should a letter from the tooth fairy say?

In her letter, the tooth fairy might want to:

  • Congratulate your child on looking after their tooth so well. This is a perfect time to remind your child of good dental hygiene. Saying that you have noticed they are clearly brushing twice a day and flossing might be a good reminder!
  • Comment on how the tooth was lost. Children love this kind of personal touch, particularly if there is a funny story around it.
  • Some insights into the life of the tooth fairy! It is such a magical idea so your child probably has many questions about the tooth fairy.

Answers to your children’s questions

Your children will have questions about the tooth fairy, and you can answer these questions in your letter from the Tooth Fairy.

In case your tooth fairy knowledge is a bit rusty, we have some ideas below for you. Obviously, as a fictional character, there is no correct answer, but it helps to pre-empt some of the likely questions!

  • What happens to all the children’s teeth? This might be a tooth fairy secret. You could come up with some ideas with your child. Some rumours are that the teeth get used as bricks for the tooth fairy castle or that they get ground down to make fairy dust.
  • Does just one fairy collect all of the teeth? This depends on what you have told your children in the past. If you decide there is only one fairy doing all of the tooth collecting, sign your letter The Tooth Fairy but if you decide there are lots of fairies all sharing the work, this can help explain why some children get a letter, some get money and some get both.
  • How old Is the tooth fairy? The tooth fairy is thought to be over 100 years old. They were first mentioned in 1908 but fairies tend to be spritely and age slowly so who knows if fairy ages are the same as human years!

Final tips for writing a Tooth Fairy letter

Of course, you can make your letter as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Bear in mind you are setting a precedent for any other teeth and any other children in your household!

  • Your child has lots of teeth so keep your letters short and avoid putting all of your ideas into your first letter!
  • Remember to print your letter in a magical font or disguise your handwriting. Children are smart!
  • Remember that a magical letter is likely to have a magical appearance. Glitter and stickers can give your letter that magical look.

Whatever approach you decide to take, you will make a visit from the tooth fairy a special one and a good opportunity to discuss dental hygiene.

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