My Dentures are hurting

Denture pain and discomfort Birmingham

Many patients seeking emergency dentist treatment in Birmingham mention a common problem, their dentures are causing them pain.

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth replacements that are usually made of acrylic that can replace multiple teeth or a full set of teeth. Usually they are held in a patients mouth temporarily and can be taken out whenever needed and can greatly improve ones smile. If you have lost some teeth, dentures can transform the way you look, eat and speak. They can be fitted straight away after a tooth has been knocked out, making them a common form of dental treatment for all ages, not just the elderly. We have fitted thousands of dentures for our patients, but what can cause discomfort in a small number of patients?

Dentures will never feel like your natural teeth despite looking just like them, they aren’t attached to tooth roots and are made of a different material. When you have them fitted, your Dentist will explain both the difficulties you’ll face wearing them as well as the advantages.

It may take up to 2 months before you’re completely used to wearing your dentures, this is perfectly normal. It’s worth leaving them out at night and possibly at some point in the day, just to give your gums a rest.

Ensuring your dentures fit correctly

When you initially see your dentist for denture treatment, they will take an impression of your mouth and send it to a dental technician who will make your dentures. When you next visit your dentist, they will check the fit of your dentures as they may have to be slightly modified. If the dentures don’t fit correctly, they can rub against the inside of your mouth, resulting in soreness and even ulcers.

Loose Dentures

Dentures can be stabilised by dental implants to help the dentures fit more comfortably. Dental Implants are small titanium inserts that are placed into your jaw bone and act as an artificial tooth root. Dental Implants can be restored with a dental crown to act, feel and function just like a natural tooth. With dentures, dental implants can be used to attach to the dentures and stabilise them in place by fixing them to your jaw bone, much more effective than any denture adhesive!

Replacing dentures with dental implants

Whilst dentures are an excellent treatment choice to replace your missing teeth, they will never obtain the same result of comfort dental implants are able to. Dental implants look and function just like normal teeth, whilst the treatment is more expensive the results are more impressive. From replacing single teeth to replacing a whole set of teeth, dental implants if looked after correctly, can last a lifetime and even delay one of the main signs of ageing (bone shrinkage).

If you’re interested in finding out more information on dentures, solving problems with your current dentures or even replacing them with dental implants, feel free to contact our highly experienced team on 0121 357 5000. With over 22 years of dental implant and denture experience, we’re confident we can help any dental problems you may have.

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