What to do before Dental Implant treatment

What to do before you get dental implant treatment in Birmingham

If there’s one thing you get this year, it should be dental implants. They are an excellent investment, a permanent tooth replacement that if looked after, will last for a lifetime. Dental Implants allow you to eat with confidence, allowing you to consume those foods you simply couldn’t wearing dentures or other teeth replacement options. For patients who are going to have dental implant treatment we recommend the following information to ensure the treatment goes smoothly.

Dental Implant surgery is similar to other invasive dental procedures such as teeth extractions. However this form of dental surgery isn’t conducted in a hospital operating room, it’s carried out in a dental practice near you.

How is dental implant treatment carried out?

Dental Implant treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, during the procedure patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort. In some cases a mild sedative can be used, this is recommended to nervous and anxious patients. Dental phobia is a common problem and our dentists at Scott Arms are highly experienced in dealing with nervous patients. To find out more check out our section on dental sedation. We recommend you have a good meal before surgery as afterwards it may be difficult to eat with a numb mouth.

Something to consider before dental implant surgery

Shaving excessive facial hair is recommended before implant treatment, it makes it easier to disinfect the skin and does not hinder a dentists vision. Your dental implant dentist may recommend you take antibiotics before surgery, this is different case to case but before you have dental implant treatment your implant dentist should keep you well informed of what is expected of you.

It is important to be nice and relaxed before the dental implant treatment. Ensure you are not worrying about finances, at our implant dentists we offer interest free finance on dental implant treatment, allowing patients to spread the cost of their treatment so they don’t have to worry. There really is no reason to worry about dental implant surgery, at Scott Arms we have over 22 years of implant experience and have placed thousands of dental implants. The treatment procedure is a simple process and doesn’t take long at all, in most cases letting you return to work as normal the next day. The time it takes for the whole initial procedure is dependent upon how many implants you are having, it takes approximately 20 minutes to place each implant. Whilst they are quick to place, dental implants if looked after by proper oral hygiene, can last for the rest of your life.

To find out more about dental implant treatment book a free dental implant assessment with one of our award winning implant dentists now by phoning 0121 357 5000. This is a no obligation free consultation where you can ask any questions you have, at the Scott Arms dental practice we offer only the highest standard of implant treatment and we’re here to help our patients for the long term.

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