Why Titanium is so good for Dental Implants

Titanium is the material of choice for dental implants

Dental Implants are quite possibly one of the most interesting cosmetic dental options available today. They have the ability to dramatically change smiles and people’s lives. Implants are small inserts, usually made out of titanium, which fit into a patient’s jaw bone forming an artificial tooth root. This lays a stable foundation to be restored with a dental crown (artificial tooth), bridge or to fix in place a set of dentures. With proper care dental implants can last a lifetime, but can any old material be used to make the implants?

During the implant placement procedure, a surgeon will place them in the appropriate position of your jaw bone. Before this is done they will fully assess your suitability for dental implant treatment by asking a series of questions and also checking the quality of your bone using ct scanning equipment. The implant dentist will make an insertion into the correct place of the jaw bone and place the implant. This is a painless procedure and carried out using local anaesthetic. Anxious patients such as those suffering from dental phobia also have the option of being sedated during the procedure. The interesting part of the procedure happens after the implants have been placed, it is the process in which your new artificial tooth roots form a permanent bond with your jaw bone that can last a lifetime – the process of osseointegration.

What is osseointegration?

Osseointegration is the formation of connecting bone between the dental implants and the patients jaw bone. The surface of the titanium dental implants is designed in a way which allows bone to grow into the pores of the implant surface to create a stable foundation which can last for the rest of a patients life. This is a direct contact between the bone and implant surface, which is dentistry’s answer to the artificial tooth root.

Because of the solid foundation dental implants provide they have been utilised by dentists to produce some amazing transformations. The main uses of dental implants are:

  1. Replacing a missing tooth. When a tooth is lost not only does it damage the appearance of your smile but it can also cause further complications later on. Teeth can migrate into the gaps caused by missing teeth to create a whole host of other complications. Also when teeth are missing and the jaw bone doesn’t receive sufficient stimulation, it can lead to bone shrinkage, one of the common signs of ageing. Dental Implants can be restored with a dental crown, which essentially looks, feels and functions just like a normal tooth. It is one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth.
  2. Fixing a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a fixed partial denture created by a dental technician. These can be used to replace multiple teeth without the need of multiple dental implants. Traditional dental bridges allow the replacement of other teeth by using a bridge which joins to adjacent teeth. However these removable bridges can cause discomfort, dental implants can be used to fix them in place permanently and in a stable fashion to allow the patients to eat and smile with confidence.
  3. Implant supported dentures. Also know as false teeth, dentures are prosthetic devises made to replace a whole set of teeth. Traditional dentures are only fixed in place temporarily, usually by a gel that holds the dentures in place. The stability of these dentures can result in problems that severely affect a patients confidence to eat and smile. Titanium Dental Implants offer the option of being able to fix a set of dentures in place permanently, giving the stability denture-wearers need to eat the foods they like and talk with confidence.

So why use titanium for dental implants?

Titanium is a material that is well tolerated by bone and can integrate easily, allowing the process of osseointegration and forming a stable artificial tooth root that can last a lifetime with the proper care. Unlike other metals, titanium oxide can fuse with the patients jaw bone permanently.

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