Dr Elena Bolufer - Dentist

Dr. Elena Bolufer

Dr Elena Bolufer - dentist

Elena is a dentist from Barcelona (Spain) who qualified from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya where she was one of the top students of the year.

Elena‘s enthusiasm, skill and charisma are ideal for putting nervous patients at ease. She is a careful listener and places a strong emphasis on getting to know each one of her patients. She believes that the best patient is an “informed” patient and goes to great lengths to explain every aspect of the intended dental treatment to the patient’s complete satisfaction. Her main focus is always the patient’s well-being.

Her passion for cosmetic dentistry with a special interest in dental implant restoration, has led her to undertake continuous professional development to keep abreast of latest techniques.

When Elena is not working she is kept busy by her friends, as well as enjoying her free time playing tennis, walking or travelling around.

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