Dr Madeleine Webber

Dr Madeleine Webber

GDC 284996 LicOdont Madrid


Maddy is a friendly and caring dentist, with a relaxed demeanour. She wants to ensure that fear of dentistry does not prevent anxious patients from visiting the dentist. She qualified from the European University of Madrid in Spain and speaks both Spanish and English fluently.

In her free time, she likes writing music and spending time outdoors with friends and family. Maddy enjoys reading and drawing, as well as participating in many different sports, especially swimming and figure skating.  

Over the five years of study, due to her love of travel and culture, she chose to split her degree, spending the first two years in Valencia and the last three years in Madrid. During her training she consistently achieved top 3 ranking in all assignments and assessments. Her unique experience of studying abroad provided her with an exposure of different dental techniques used within the UK and across Europe.

Since qualifying, she has continued her professional education and is an avid learner intending to develop her skills post-graduation. In the future Maddy would like to further her practical skills and learn BSL (British Sign Language) to reduce the barriers to dental care for the deaf community.